about us
Business Consultant


We offer tailored consulting services for a variety of businesses and company situations. We advise on both technological and bussiness process changes and structural changes within a business, as well as specialist subject areas like IoT, etc. We also support you in handling IT challenges and large-scale IT projects by providing intensive training and coaching, quality management, and IT and ERP architecture-related support, for the project need.

We provide operational support and oversee projects until the (predefined) goal is reached, and beyond, if required. Our recommendations bring useful, tangible results and can be implemented immediately with or without our assistance.

We see our consulting and IT services as supplementary and complementary to the IT Service projects like ERP consulting and implementation services offered by the animotronex. Our business consulting services for companies can be provided independently of IT Services projects, or in advance of or subsequent to an IT Service project, as appropriate. We can also provide direct support for IT and implementation projects.

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